• Holiday Favorites Box

  • Fiji Green Tea - part of The Picnic Box

  • Cooper Street Kitchen's buttery and delicious Oat Cakes - in our Tea Box

  • Curated tasting boxes delivered to your doorstep

Bounty New York: Fine Foods from Local Farms and Artisans

Talking with Anastasia Karloutsos of Old School Favorites
June 09, 2014

Anastasia Karloutsos of Old School Favorites tells us about the company behind the chocolate sauce and candied nuts that are doing wonders for the homemade ice cream sundae experience!  We're so happy to feature them in our new Make-your-own Sundae Box.

Talking with Jim Marks of Cooper Street Kitchen
February 07, 2014

We first discovered Cooper Street Kitchen's caramels at a health food store in our neighborhood.  One taste of these hand-crafted delights was all it took....we knew we had to include them in our Bounty Boxes and share the love.  Jim Marks, the creator of these amazing caramels (and delicious oatcakes too!), let us in on how he got started and what goes into small-batch food production.  Thanks, Jim!

Winter Tasting Box - New Release With VIDEO And Tasting Notes
December 03, 2013


We're proud to introduce the Winter Tasting Box.  Our product page includes detailed photos of this box and its items.  Mary's tasting notes which are included in each box, appear below.

Talking with Sonam Curreri of SerendipiTea
September 26, 2013

The first time I spoke with Sonam Curreri at SerendipiTea, she carefully described the different teas in their extensive line, and I knew right away that the people behind this company have a true love for their product.  This is the kind of special relationship that we at Bounty New York like to share with our customers.

Sonam was kind enough to answer some questions for this blog post, and I'm happy to share her answers with our readers!